Trolling Darts

Clarkspoon Trolling Darts are the perfect micro lure to add to your nearshore trolling arsenal. These lures are built from a durable hand-poured polyurethane resin and enhanced with UV properties.  The dart itself weighs in at approximately 3/8 oz., unrigged. 

Two shapes are available in four colors.  The Clark Dart Bullet is a nose-weighted bullet shape that can be trolled on the surface, or sub-surface behind a trolling sinker.  The action is similar to the tried and true cedar plug.  The Clark Dart Scoop is designed to be trolled on the surface.  The angled scoop face gives the lure a popping action while trolled. 

Clarkspoon Trolling Darts are rigged on a 3 1/2 foot 40lb. coated 7x7 stainless steel leader with a 2/0 stainless hook dressed with mylar.

These micro lures are a perfect compliment to your spread of spoons while targeting spanish mackerel, bluefish, and more!