Mackerel Tree Rigs

This Gulf Coast and Florida favorite is deadly on Spanish mackerel, bluefish and other game fish. The 4 hook rig has 3/0 gold Mustad forged hooks dressed with colorful surgical tubing. Tube colors are flo. green, flo. red, bright yellow, and dark red. Available with our most popular size Clarkspoons.

HOW TO FISH: The mackerel tree rig is used while trolling.  You can drag it on top of the water (recommended) or you can connect it to a planer or trolling sinker for depth.  The swivel ties to the line from the rod or to the leader coming from the back of the planer.  The snap would connect a Clarkspoon of your choice to the end of the rig.  No bait is needed.

- To connect the rig without sinker or planer tie directly to the line from the rod.

- To connect the rig with a troll sinker tie the sinker to the line from the rod (using a snap/snap swivel here makes it easier to change). Connect the swivel end of the mackerel rig to the snap end of the troll sinker.

- To connect the rig with a planer using a snap swivel, connect the line from the rod to the brass ring of the planer. Make a leader (15-18 feet) with a ball bearing snap swivel on each end. Connect one end of the leader to the grommeted hole of the planer. Connect the other end of the leader to the mackerel tree rig.