Sea Birds

Sea Birds are ideal for rigging in front of trolling lures or baits.  The birds will skip and dance across the surface of the water creating a splashing and fluttering action, helping draw in predator fish to your lure.  Two styles of Sea Birds are available.  

The original Sea Bird is built with a foam body, is lightweight and floats. A stainless steel thru-wire allows for easy line connection on the nose and tail of the bird.  Available in three colors.

Resin Sea Birds are a modern version of the original birds.  Constructed from a super durable hand-poured poly urethane resin enhanced with UV additives, this teaser is sure to stand out in your spread.  While originally designed for use while trolling small spoons for spanish mackerel and bluefish, we stepped up the rigging on this teaser by rigging it with 480 lb. stainless cable and a size 3 stainless steel ball bearing snap swivel and two soft luminous glow beads.  The Resin Sea Bird is ready to troll in your nearshore spread for mackerel and bluefish, and also your offshore spread targeting mahi, tuna, and wahoo.