Rigged Spreader Bars

Clarkspoon Mini Bars are rigged on an 8" spreader bar with 60lb. coated stainless steel leader wire. A size 3 stainless steel swivel connects the bar to your mainline, and a size 2 120lb. stainless steel ball bearing snap swivel provides a strong leader connection. A size 0 Original Clarkspoon is rigged on a 3 1/2 foot 30lb. mono leader. 

The Mini Bar will skip and splash while trolled across the surface. The included Clarkspoon trails the bar with it's proven fish-catching action. Troll directly off the rod tip or from a rigger. Excellent for catching Spanish Mackerel, King Mackerel, Bluefish, albacore, and more. You can attach a longer leader and larger spoon or ballyhoo rig for Blackfin Tuna and bailer Mahi.