Clark Casters

Clark Casters are a great way to cast Clarkspoons. Simply attach the Clarkspoon to the snap, cast and retrieve. The Clark Caster is an excellent choice for casting or jigging from bridges, boats or piers. Available in three weights, two colors, and with or without a size 00 or 0 Clarkspoon.



Sizes & Colors:
Silver Blade
CC18-2PK - 1/8 ounce
CC14-2PK - 1/4 ounce
CC12-2PK - 1/2 ounce

Gold Blade
CC18G-2PK - 1/8 ounce

1/8oz. Caster with Clarkspoon
CC18-00RBMS  #00 Silver Spoon
CC18G-00RBMG  #00 Gold Spoon
CC18-0RBMS  #0 Silver Spoon
CC18G-0RBMG  #0 Gold Spoon

1/4oz. Caster with Clarkspoon
CC14-00RBMS  #00 Silver Spoon
CC14-0RBMS - #0 Silver Spoon

1/2oz. Caster with Clarkspoon
CC12-00RBMS  #00 Silver Spoon
CC12-0RBMS - #0 Silver Spoon